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Never Enough

Donald Trump and the Pursuit of Success

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Never Enough: Donald Trump and the Pursuit of Success

Drawing upon extensive and exclusive interviews with Trump and many of his family members, including all his adult children, D’Antonio presents the full story of a truly American icon, from his beginnings as a businessman to his stormy romantic life and his pursuit of power in its many forms. For all those who wonder — Just who is Donald Trump? – Never Enough supplies the answer. He is a promoter, builder, performer and politician who pursues success with a drive that borders on obsession and yet, has given him, almost everything he ever wanted.

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    Trouw'Trump is totaal ongeschikt maar niet kansloos'TrouwMichael D'Antonio sprak Trump meer dan tien uur, en mocht uitgebreid met zijn drie kinderen praten die allemaal in zijn bedrijf werken. "Trump was poeslief. Tot hij hoorde dat ik iemand ontmoet had waar hij een bloedhekel aan had: toen moest ik opkrassen.and more »