Heaven on Earth

COVER_Heaven On EarthDispatches from America’s Spiritual Frontier

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Published: February 4, 1992

An investigative report on the New Age culture travels from an Arizona psychic energy center, to Iowa, the unlikely capital of Transcendental Meditation, to M. Scott Peck seminars, and beyond to explain New Age principles.


The Washington Post
“A sort of Paul Theroux of the spiritual world…he’s a game guy and an engaging spiritual travel-writer, and we’re glad to stick with him though his year-long pilgrimage.”

New Age Journal
“If Charles Kuralt were a new age guy he might have written Heaven on Earth.”

The Los Angeles Times, Marilyn Ferguson
“D’Antonio brings suberb writing talents to bear on extravagant adventures…we come to see him less as a journalist and more as a journeyer.”

Publishers Weekly
“D’Antonio weaves his thoughts and opinions into the text and also documents his interchanges – not all of them neutral – with the believers and the nonbelievers alike. The book is not only a superb chronicle of American society today, it is highly entertaining as well”.

Buffalo News
“In Heaven on Earth Michael D’Antonio walks that fine line of reporting in fine style…The tension and the author’s smooth, lucid writing make D’Antonio’s year-long tour of the New Age thought-provoking reading.”