Tin Cup Dreams

COVER_TinCupDreamsA Long Shot Makes It on the PGA Tour

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Published March 1, 2000

At the grueling Q. school, a ragtag collection of thirty-something pros overcome every obstacle golf can throw in their way to win a spot on the PGA tour. But now their test is only beginning. To make it, they must succeed against the best players in the world. Tin Cup Dreams follows them for the season, focusing on a self-taught golfer named Esteban Toledo, an unlikely hero from a literally dirt-poor background. With uncommon grit and determination, Toledo triumphs where others fail, and along the way teaches us about mastering the mental side of the game, about ignoring the odds, and about when to lay up and when to go for it.


“. . . has three things readers will love: hard digging, terrific writing, and in Esteban Toledo, an extraordinary story . . .” — Curt Sampson, author of Hogan and The Masters

“Extraordinary . . . D’Antonio made me sweat and bleed along with the gallant knight-errant Toledo whose journey . . . he so eloquently chronicles.” — Steven Pressfield, author of The Legend of Bagger Vance

“The PGA Tour needs more stories like this . . . Esteban Toledo is a poster child for how to make it.” — Peter Jacobsen, six-time PGA Tour winner