Crown Heights

MOVIE_CrownHeightsReleased August 24, 2004

Racial tensions between Hasidic Jews and African-Americans come to a boil in the Crown Heights section of Queens in this powder-keg drama based on real-life events that took place in the summer of 1991. Over the course of three days, the tensions between the borough’s racially divided citizens would result in a tragic explosion of murder, riots, and chaos. Only through the aid of two devoted community leaders determined to put their differences aside and bring peace back to the streets will this neighborhood be able to begin to heal the deep-rooted wounds of a summer that will forever haunt the citizens of Crown Heights.

~ Jason Buchanan, Rovi


The New York Times
“…does not turn the story into an easy feel-good morality tale like ”Brian’s Song” or the hokey hockey movie ”Miracle.” By resisting the made-for-television temptation to sweeten the truth artificially, Jeremy Kagan, the director, gives resentment and disillusionment their due, providing a nuanced and affecting look at race relations as they were then and as they are still lived today.”

“Based on a true story, this thought-provoking drama details the relationship between an African-American youth leader and a Hasidic rabbi as they attempt to heal their wounded Brooklyn community, Crown Heights, following the 1991 riots. Through their efforts, the pair helps a young black man and a Jewish teen forge a friendship based on a mutual love of rap music and dancing.”